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Bail Bond Charges

Aggravated Assault
Drug Charges
Probation Violation

How to Handle Assault Charges

When it comes to charges such as assault, there are certain things that determine the severity and likelihood of bail. Any aggression that involves touching the aggressor or an object thrown by the aggressor can be considered aggravated assault if it causes the victim fear or harm. Assault bail can be very high, and that is why we offer bonds for assault charges. Why spend that time in jail when you could be spending it preparing for your case and seeking legal advice?
Most judges agree that your behavior when and after you are arrested plays a role in if you are eligible for bail, and how much it will cost if you are. This said, it is important to remain calm and cooperative with your arresting officer, as it will make things easier when it comes to your bail.

Assault Warrants

Some of our clients already have warrants for assault charges and are interested in turning themselves in. A self-surrender can assist you in many ways! This shows the court that you are cooperative and willing to work with the court. It will help your trial and your bail. If there is already a warrant for your arrest and you would like to turn yourself in, we can also assist you with that. In this situation, we will assist you with something known as a walk-through. You will go to the station and go through processing, fingerprints, photograph, etc, but at the end of the line, you will pay your bond before they put you behind bars.

Have you been hit with a weapons charge? Being arrested can be scary, particularly when you have evidence that will be used against you on your person. We at Bail Shop, LLC understand that not every situation is what it seems to an outside party. We make it a point not to judge our clients about their arrest. We also make it a point to help you make bail and get out of jail before your trial so that you have time to seek legal help and prepare for your court date. If you need bail for weapons charges in Lebanon and Reading, PA, contact us today at 888-224-5711.


Being charged with illegal possession of a firearm or other weapon can be a difficult charge to overcome. That’s why we at Bail Shop, LLC know that you need to to a lawyer and prepare for court before your trial. Those things are rather difficult to achieve from a jail cell, so we are here to help you make bail.

weapons bail

When it comes to weapons charges, most of them are eligible for bail, assuming the weapons were found on you by an officer, rather than discovered in an assault situation. If you are ever stopped by an officer and you are illegally carrying any weapons, such as brass knuckles, firearms, or knives, you should calmly explain to the officer that you have these items on your person in a steady, non-threatening voice. Doing so will help your case when it goes to trial, and should lower the bail amount you will have to pay. Attempting to hide the items when you have already been stopped by an officer can be considered evasion, which could remove your eligibility for bail!

Know Your State Laws So You Can Avoid Mistakes

It is important that you know the laws in your state that apply to possession of weapons. Even states that allow open carry of weapons require permits and those permits have restrictions. In all 50 states, a convicted felon is not eligible to carry a weapon and to be found with one as a felon may also make you ineligible for bail. 

Being arrested for any type of drug case can be a chaotic situation that has an unclear end if it may result in a misdemeanor or felony possession. Drug charges carry serious consequences and penalties if convicted by a judge in court. Fines and jail time can vary based on the individual’s prior criminal history and specifically past history of drug-related charges.
Know someone who could be facing serious drug charges and needs help with bail? Contact us today at 888-224-5711 to let us help with a possible drug charge bail bond in Lebanon and Reading, PA.


Sentencing for drug charges is all different based on the type of drug found on the arrested person, and the determining factors of the person’s involvement, such as possession, intent to distribute, trafficking, or manufacturing.
When an individual has been arrested on drug charges, they are booked and a judge will determine if it is a misdemeanor-level possession or a felony-level possession. After an individual has been booked and processed, they can be released from jail after posting bail by either paying the amount in full on their own using personal funds or by using a bail bondsman from Bail Shop, LLC.
Pennsylvania law holds classifications for each sentencing. Punishment for intent to distribute or possession may not receive the same hefty fines and jail time as someone who is found manufacturing drugs. However, the court can issue multiple sentences and drug charges on someone who is found to have been doing a combination of either. Time spent in jail can range from 60 days to 15+ years if found guilty.

Have you been arrested on theft charges? Or has someone you love been arrested for shoplifting? A first time arrest or a repeat offense, getting arrested can be a nerve-wracking experience. That’s why Bail Shop, LLC is here to assist you when you need help.


There are different types of theft offenses, and each of these charges comes with different penalties and bail amounts. 
Petit Theft <$300
Grand Theft >$300
Identity Theft
And More!

Theft is no joke, but here at Bail Shop, LLC we firmly believe in the right to innocence until proven guilty in a court of law. We can provide bail for felonyand misdemeanor charges. We provide bail services to help you defend your rights.

Depending on the severity of the theft charges against you, the judge will determine a possibly high bail price. Without bail, the judge will require that you remain in jail until the time of your trial. Those days before your trial shouldn’t be spent in a jail cell! We understand that the idea of bail can seem quite complicated if it is your first time, so our agents are happy to help simplify this process for you. Our agents help you so you only pay a small percentage of your bail up front, and you can leave jail before your trial, and seek legal advice. With the help of a bail bond, you can use the time before your trial to speak with your lawyer and be fully prepared to face the court on your trial date.

A DUI is when the arrested individual has been taken to jail on the account of operating a vehicle while over the legal amount of alcohol in Lebanon and Reading, PA, a DUI is considered a misdemeanor that is punishable up to one year or less in prison. Most misdemeanors have a preset bail amount that is posted in the jail, meaning the defendant can be bailed out more quickly.
If you know someone who has been booked for a DUI, contact us today at 888-224-5711 to let the bail bondsmen help with DUI Bail Bonds in Lebanon and Reading, PA.

There are a few things that could happen after being brought in for DUI charges:

They are released on their “own recognizance” after a few mandatory hours to ensure sobriety
Allowed to post a DUI bail with a cash bond or the help of a bail bondsmen at the station soon after booking
Brought in front of a judge if bail is not posted, who will then decide to either release them or require that they remain in jail

If the individual booked has had multiple DUI arrests and charges, the bail amount can be significantly higher with the threat of serious consequences (loss of license, impoundment of vehicle, prison time if convicted, etc.) Paying a bondsman from Bail Shop, LLC can quickly speed up the release and set up a court date.
DUI bail will always be an option in a DUI case in the state of Pennsylvania. As is the case with a misdemeanor, the bail amount will be taken from a schedule and depend on the facts of the case, if the individual has been booked for similar cases, etc. Regardless if the person who has been arrested for a DUI posts bail or is released on their own recognizance, the state has the right to keep individuals for a certain number of hours to ensure sobriety and protect the public from the driver behind the wheel.

Have you been charged with violating your probation? Has your probation officer accused you of missing scheduled meetings or failing to adhere to the guidelines set for you by the court? If you have been charged with a probation violation, Bail Shop, LLC is here to help! We know that you need time to seek legal help and prepare for your trial, so call us at 888-224-5711 when you need to make bail fast!

What is Probation Violation?

Probation violation occurs when you fail to comply with court set rules for your probation. Some of these rules may include staying within your city or state, submitting to drug testing, random or scheduled, regular meetings with your probation officer, or other rules depending on your original charge. Obviously, the court will also be more strict with you when it comes to other crimes, such as a weapons chargeIf your probation officer has seen you break any of the regulations set for you, or if the officer has reasonable doubt that you may have broken them or any other laws, they may charge you with violation of your probation. 
Typically clients on probation were given probation in lieu of jail time. This fact can cause you to owe a higher bail fee to avoid jail time until your trial. Luckily, Bail Shop, LLC is here to assist you.

Follow Up Consistently With Your Probation Officer to Avoid Probation Violations

In the future, it essential that you comply with your probation to avoid charges. Probation is often considered a courtesy by the court, and failure to comply can cause the court to deny such leniency in the future. Additionally, as your probation will be called into consideration when your judge decides your bail amount, the fewer violations you have, the more lenient the judge can be.

Call Bail Shop, LLC For Help With Your Charges

If you are facing a weapons charge and are struggling to make bail in Lebanon and Reading, PA, or if you are looking to make bail for a family member or friend who is facing weapons charges, call Bail Shop, LLC today at  888-224-5711. We offer bail service to you, and we are dedicated to making this process as seamless and simple as possible so that you can get the legal advice and preparation you need to defend your case.